Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Compass Box Hedonism

Compass Box Hedonism
Vatted grain Scotch whisky
43% alc/vol

Now this is an interesting one. Not a single malt, and not even blended Scotch, in the traditional sense: this one is a blended ("vatted") grain whisky. Apparently, there are a couple of versions of this; this is one the first of the two, released in 2000.


The Hedonism is a deep gold color; I think this is the lightest whisky I've ever seen. The nose is beautiful: flowers and fruit, white chocolate, and coconut. Vanilla and a hint of butter and mint. The palate is creamy and full, and it has a short, sweet finish that leaves the taste of white chocolate on the tongue.

This would be an excellent dessert drink. It's expensive, but incredibly tasty, and worth keeping a bottle around. Unfortunately, it's a limited release run, and getting more and more limited by the second. I'm very happy to have tried it!