Monday, January 28, 2008

Jim Beam White Label

Jim Beam
Aged 4 years
Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey
40% alc/vol

I'm really not as big into bourbon as I am into Scotch. It's a very different flavor, though it's not a bad one. It's also tricky for me to taste, since it's the main ingredient of my favorite cocktail back when I was in college, the Manhattan; I have to work to keep myself from writing simply, "This tastes like a Manhattan."

Some interesting facts about bourbon, from Wikipedia:

  • It must be made from a grain mixture that is at least 51% corn, and is typically closer to 70% corn.
  • It must be 100% natural; no caramel coloring allowed!
  • The barrels in which it is aged must be new, American charred oak barrels.
  • Bourbon aged for two years or longer may be labeled as "straight" bourbon.
  • Bourbon younger than four years old must be labeled with its age.

So, you see, it's not just Scotch made in America!

Anyway, courtesy of my very silly sister, I bring you that perennial classic -- and the first American whiskey on this blog -- Jim Beam, a.k.a. Jim Beam White Label.


The usual russet color of whiskey. It's sweet on the nose, with vanilla and caramel, and a hint of freshly-ground black pepper. Much softer than Scotch. Do I smell cherries, or is that the Manhattan rearing its lovely head once again?

It's thin and watery on the palate, which feels odd to a mouth accustomed to usually creamier Scotch. I'm getting a lot of nutmeg in the flavor here.

The finish is long, much longer than I expect, with a lot of butterscotch and a tiny bit of peppermint.

Overall, not bad. I probably won't buy another bottle, though; for $15 per 750 mL, I can get whisky much more suitable for my palate. (Grant's tasting notes coming soon!)


Maddie said...

I can't believe you actually "tasted" it... at 2.99 for the bottle... I mean... I seriously asked the guy for the CHEAPEST bottle of whiskey they had. I figured you would put a bow on it and give it to the homeless guy in the portapot out back.

Mike said...

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A. di Michele said...

not very fair to pick a representative 'bourbon' and it's Jim Beam white! terrible stuff. at least compared to many many many (many!) other bourbons out there, including some make by Beam. a shame beam is more about marketing, than making across the board great bourbon. beam beats non-bourbon jack by far, but so much more beats beam at its own game. how about, as a scotch drinker, research bourbons and find a good representative...wild turkey rare breed....weller antique....there are many....(many!)


Will said...

Thanks for the comment, A! In fact, I didn't particularly choose Jim Beam -- it was a gag gift from my sister. I do, in fact, have a bottle of the award-winning Baker's 7yo just waiting to be enjoyed, and I'll post about it when I do! :)